Perspectives Film Festival: Breakthroughs in Cinema 2016 explores the theme of Surrealism, presenting an international selection of films from the Surrealist cinema movement. The programme aims to jolt viewers out of their comfortable assumptions by illuminating the outlandish, perplexing, and uncanny imageries repressed in the unconscious mind.

Marking nearly a hundred years since the beginning of the Surrealist art movement, this year’s programme is a timely curation of films, ranging from stories that express a distorted reality through unique art direction, to layered narratives that tap into feelings, dreams and memories to explore the human mind.

Perspectives Film Festival – Breakthroughs in Cinema is an annual film festival practicum course run by the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information and organised by undergraduates from Nanyang Technological University. It is Singapore’s only large-scale, student run film festival and has upheld its promise to screen uncut films since its beginning in 2008. Each year’s films explore breakthroughs in cinema through a different lens, including sexuality (2012), displacement (2014) and transitions (2015).